Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clinic update

Tuesday was another clinic appointment. 

The doctor saw us out in the waiting room and came out to see us before we were called back.  Jacob was not amused at his jokes.  The doctor asked if he was as sad as he looked. Jacob nodded and Joe and I agreed that he was really depressed. He said we would discuss that when we got back to the room.

While getting his vital signs done (normal, yay!!), one of the nurses walked by and recognized Jacob and saw Joe with us this time.  She always checks up on Jacob to see how he is doing. She saw Joe and came up and asked how the turkey and stuffing turned out and if they were going to cook together on Christmas. I had already told Joe about the nurse or else it would have been funny to see his reaction on how some strange lady knew about his and Jacob's cooking.  You see before Thanksgiving, Jacob and her discussed how Jake was going to help Joe with the turkey and stuffing.  She checked to see how the stuffing went on the next clinic appointment and at this appointment she asked if Jacob was going to help with Christmas dinner.  We shall see.

So, after we get back to the room, the doc comes in and says that his urine is still showing "some activity".  It is showing protein still.  Possibly blood too.  I have to verify that.  We did not want to start on any antidepressant and the doctor did not want to either. Since Jacob is now on the full dose of the CellCept, he is going to start tapering the Prednisone even more.  He thinks, and I totally agree, that by lowering the Prednisone dose, that Jacob's mood will improve.  So we started on 20mg today and on the 26th we will get down to 10mg and then five days after that we will be at 5mg.  We will stay there until the next clinic appointment.  I really hope his mood starts to improve.  It is so hard to see your child so sad. 

I also think that some of his mood is based on all the carbs he is consuming.  We have been lucky to find some more low sodium foods and he has been enjoying them.  Possibly enjoying them too much as he also gained some weight.  No biggie though, the weight will come off.

The doctor called today and said Jacob's labs are improving still.  I was half asleep so I did not think to ask what any values are though.  I work at the hospital so I am going to try to get a medical record release so that I can access his labs and clinic notes when I want to without getting in trouble.  I have yet to access them as I really want to keep my job....darn that HIPPA!  haha!

So that is our update.  He gets the Prednisone tapered a lot over the next 10 days and hopefully (keeping fingers, toes, and eyes crossed) his mood will improve!

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