Friday, December 9, 2011

Home life begins

November 12th, 2011
We finally make it home.  Jacob's appetite is already starting to increase due to the Prednisone and the poor kid can only have 2000mg of sodium a day!  EVERYTHING has sodium in it...and LOTS OF IT!  We leave the hospital but need to pick up his prescriptions from the pharmacy.  We end up going to three different ones.  Our hometown one doesnt make "compounds" so we have to get it from the one in the next town.  While we wait for the "compound" (the medicine made to a liquid from the tablets) we head to the local grocery store to get Jacob some food to last until we go grocery shopping the next day.  He ended up with berries and nuts.  Not too bad.  We then get go to the hometown pharmacy and get the rest of the pills. All but the Prevacid I should say.  Our insurance company wants $68 for a months supply.  No thank you.   I was not going to pay that for sure! So I walked out, went home, checked my coupons and headed to CVS. After sale price, coupons, and a mail-in rebate, my cost for a 28 day supply will be...wait for it...FREE! Oh yeah!!

Here was Jacob's medication list until he went to his first clinic appointment:
Prednisone 60mg every morning
HCTZ 25mg every afternoon
Norvasc 10mg every morning
Prevacid 30mg every night

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