Thursday, December 15, 2011

How heartbreaking!

We have been telling the kids that we want a Christmas list from them.  The only kid who created one was Jacob...AND we just got it.  I happened to glance at it hanging on the fridge but never really got to read it.  I did notice that he put "good tasting 0mg sodium bread".  I thought, "how sad".  Well, I am so glad I did not continue to read it.  Joe texted me while at work to see if I read the list.  I had told him I hadn't.  Well it turns out Jacob continued his list and towards the bottom he wrote, "better kidney".  That about broke my heart to read that text!  Joe agreed that it was sad to read.  I guess Joe gave him some reassurance that he has many people who love him and are praying for him and we will get through this together! 

On a good note, it got Joe motivated.  He came up with an almost no sodium BBQ sauce recipe.  I guess Jacob was hesitant to try it, but from what I have read on Facebook, it turned out pretty darn good!  I will have Joe post the recipe soon!!

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