Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving! (and a clinic apt)

(Since it is now December and I am finally sitting down to write all of this down, I am pretty much just cutting and pasting from my facebook page for these updates until I get caught up.  I hope to add clinic appointments and misc. items as they occur from now on.)

November 22nd, 2011

Jacob had his second clinic appointment.  He is still spilling lots of protein in his urine.  His blood pressure is good.  He even talked the doctor into increasing his sodium intake from 2000mg to 2500mg.  He is stoked!  And he was given permission to splurge with the sodium on Thanksgiving!  He actually lost weight so the doctor was happy that he is not retaining fluid, nor gaining from the increased appetite from the Prednisone.  The doctor mentioned a medication he may want to try, but is still thinking about it.  CellCept.  This is an antirejection med for transplant patients.  More investigation to follow.  Joe and I have been reading up on this disease and almost every study mentions fish oil.  I asked the doc about it and he said he doesnt think it works, but has given us the go ahead to try it. 

November 24th, 2011

Thanksgiving went great!  Jacob was allowed to splurge on the sodium intake today.  I have to admit, that kid has such self control.  I really do not think he went over that much!  We had a wonderful time.  Our oldest was home from college and brought a friend with her and even my sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner!

November 25th, 2011

Jacob is getting just a bit tired of the same foods and is really missing ranch dressing.  He knows he should not have it though.  So what did my boy do?  He went online in search of a homemade recipe that was low in sodium AND found one!  I love this boy!  Oh and he started the fish oil today.  The body absorbs the oil better as an oil and not capsule so the oil is what we got.  Jacob is such a trooper!  He knows there may be a chance that it may help so he takes it without any complaints.  We did get the orange flavored one, but he says it doesnt taste like oranges. 

Medication list:
Prednisone 40mg every morning
Prevacid 30 mg every night
Lisinopril 10mg every night
Fish Oil 1tsp every afternoon
HCTZ 25mg every afternoon

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