Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cellcept on hold

Poor kid.  He got a cold sore about two days after seeing the doc.  I had him keep taking the Cellcept for a few days, but on Monday this past week, I gave the doc a call and he said to stop taking it until the cold sore started healing.  Well the cold sore started healing so we started it again. He got one, maybe two, doses in and now he has a head cold and is coughing lots so the Cellcept is on hold again.  We are giving him Vit C to help boost his healing.  Hopefully he can kick this cold quickly so we can restart the Cellcept.  Cellcept is an anti-rejection med, given to transplant patients, so it lowers their immunity to avoid the body rejecting the new organ.  Even though Jacob is not taking it for a transplant, it still lowers his immunity and this is why he got the cold sore and now cold.  This is also why the med is on hold so his immunity can kick in and hopefully get rid of the cold!

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