Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow, this past week between Christmas and New Year's has flown by!  We mostly did a lot of lounging around, doin' a bunch of NOTHING!  Loved it! Our oldest went back to school before the new year so it was just the four of us to celebrate.  We went to a friend's house for a bonfire.  It was fun, well Joe and I had fun.  The kids were not thrilled, but oh well. 

Jacob's mood is improving so much since the Prednisone is now decreased to 5mg.  Praise the Lord!  It is so nice to see him smile and laugh again.  He is still sticking the the low sodium diet and most days comes in way below his 2500mg limit.  We had wanted to get him on an overall healthier diet, but unfornately, we have slacked off this holiday season.  This year is the year for much change.  I read from a newsletter of a favorite author that she picks a word for the year.  Well, this year I am going to do the same for our family.  This year that word is "organize".  In regards to Jacob, this means organize health.  This is a family goal actually.  I think it is time that we all become just a little bit more healthy.  A better diet and more exercise for all of us.  That is our goal.  I am hoping that with a better diet that we can get this Berger's disease in remission.  I do not want to rely on medication alone. 

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