Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The crud has hit our home. And a clinic update

Sorry so long since the last update, but the crud seems to hit our house. 

So, Jacob restarted the Cellcept on about Thursday, January 19th.  His cold sore was just about gone.  He seemed to no longer have cold symptoms either.

He had another clinic appointment on Tuesday, January 24th.  His weight was fine.  His BP was also good.  He is still spilling blood and protein in his urine but the protein is slightly less.  Not much with the appointment this time.  He got to stop the Prednisione and that he is very thankful for.  We also get to return in four weeks time!  That we are all thankful for!

So, it is now Wednesday, February 8th and Jacob is sick again.  Monday, he woke up with some abdominal pain and stayed home from school. He slept most of the day away.  When he woke up he felt so cold.  Bone chilling cold.  The poor kid could not get warm.  No fever and no swelling noted.  I am unable to check his blood pressure right now as I have no clue where my cuff is.  Skin color seems okay. He says his urine does not look any different.  He does not report any loose stools.  We dressed him in the warmest socks I could find and his warmest pjs and let him use my electric blanket.  He still could not get warm.  He did manage to go to school Tuesday.  When I picked him up he said he felt much warmer from entering a "hot room where I got a little sweaty and then I felt warm the rest of the day."  I am wondering if maybe he ended up having a little fever and it broke.  Well, today he went to school.  I think he was fine, but I was in bed sick so I had no contact with him.  He called home about 11:30am and said he just felt sick and tired and had a small nosebleed.  I picked him up and we both napped for most the day.  No nausea or anything, maybe a small infrequent cough.  I have diagnosed us with the crud.  We shall see how tomorrow goes.  I decided to stop the Cellcept again.  Tonight's dose was the first to be skipped.  He has been taking a multivitamin so I am hoping he gets well soon and can restart the Cellcept. 

I am just wanting a few months to go by so we can see if the Cellcept will work for him.  If not, I want him off of it so his immunity can rebuild.  I am still on my venture to making our diets whole and healthy.  I am praying this helps his kidneys return to normal.  Although there is no medical cure for the disease, miracles do happen.

Until next time....

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