Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just an update

Jacob seems to be feeling much better.  His fatigue seems to be subsiding, but he is feeling dizzy still.  When I was sick, I felt dizzy also so I am thinking the dizziness is related to whatever virus he has.  I think I am going to have him start taking the cellcept tonight.

We had a good talk about side effects.  I asked him about his abdominal pain and he says that he always has some pain, but "it is pointless to keep mentioning it".  This I did not know. I did mention to him that he only complains about it when he is on the cellcept so I assumed that when he is off of it he has no pain.  He first stated that he always has the pain even when taking the cellcept and then, after thinking about it, stated that the pain must be worse while taking cellcept since he does notice he complains more when taking it. 

Now when I mention abdominal pain, that is exactly what it is...abdominal pain.  The doctor and I have tried to get him to narrow down where the pain is located.  He always just says, "all over".  Oh well, maybe it is all over his abdominal area.  Getting exact descriptions from Jacob is like pulling teeth! 

So that is what we have been dealing with lately, just some crud and medication adjustments.  I am going to a "real foods" cooking class later today.  I am NOT the best cook, nor do I really like cooking, but I believe that diet can play an important role in healing.  Slowly I am changing our entire way of eating.  Not sure if it will be fun, but it sure will be interesting!

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