Sunday, March 18, 2012

a vacation for Jacob

Oh he is excited about this one...although his 13 year old self doesnt show it, but I know he is.  His poppo and grammy have booked him a flight to visit them for about 5 days of his spring break.  He will be flying all alone (luckily it is a direct flight and less than 2 hrs) and will get to be away from us.  (I think he is more excited to do something on his own without his sisters doing it...its rough being the baby!) 

Here is how the conversation went one day.
Mom: Jacob, poppo found you a flight. You wanna go visit them?
Jacob: Heck yeah.  No offense, but I want to get away from you guys for awhile.
Mom: ::mouth drops and is left speechless::

What a stinker that boy is!  How dare he say he wants to be away from his momma! 

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