Thursday, March 1, 2012

a VERY GOOD clinic update

Jacob has gone 4 weeks without a clinic appointment. This past Tuesday he had one.  I work at the hospital where his clinic is and I am allowed access to his medical records at work so, of course, after each clinic appointment I read the doctor's notes and check the lab results. Last night I checked his labs and they are looking good! The only thing that was abnormal was that his urine still had protein and blood in it.  The blood was 3+ and it has been that.  The protein went to 1+ which is the best it has ever been!  His H&H were a tad low, but no where near needing attention to.  His cholesterol was good at 150.  The next visit I am going to see about taking away the Zocor.
Tonight I checked the doctor's note and was very happy to read, "Thus in summary, Jacob appears to be heading into at least partial remission of his IgA glomerulonephritis". PRAISE THE GOOD LORD ABOVE! I knew that with medication, diet change, and God's grace that he would get better!  Now to get those kidneys into full remission!!

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