Saturday, April 21, 2012

We have remission!!!

Jacob went for another clinic appointment this past Tuesday. We have a routine, him and I. I pick him up from school, he grabs a snack, pees in the cup, and away we go. He would never make it the hour drive without peeing so we grab the sample while at home. I have to laugh remembering what I told Jacob this past Tuesday when he brought out the bottle of pee. "wow, Jacob, pee never looked so good" LOL! You see, normally his pee has a tan tinge to it. This time, it looked normal! I was praying that the look would mean wonderful news. We get to the clinic and the doctor is extremely impressed with how Jacob is doing mood wise. Jacob is laughing and smiling at all the corny jokes the doctor tells. Normally Jacob gives no response. The doc said the urine looked better and gave us instructions to halve his blood pressure meds and to finish off what cellcept he has and not to refill the bottle. YAY! In addition, no labwork was needed and we get to wait until the end of May before we return. Tuesday night while at work, I checked the lab report for the urine and it showed a trace of protein and 2+ blood. I was a little devestated because I was really hoping for the urine to be perfect. I looked for the doctor's note, but he had not entered it yet. I checked for the note on Wednesday night while at work. The note was there. I opened it and saw the words...."clinically in remission"! Oh I was so happy I about cried right there at work! I texted my husband, who was already asleep an waited until morning and texted Jacob. This is the best news! 5.5 mos from the diagnosis and we are in remission! Thank God for this! We have decided to let him splurge a bit this week and starting next week, we are back on the sodium restrictions (although he is allowed 3000mg now and normally doesnt even come close to that amount). We also have been lax on the processed foods with my busy schedule of work and school. Starting Monday, back to the natural whole foods diet. What an awesome week he has had!