Monday, June 4, 2012

...and the remission keeps rolling!

Last Tuesday Jacob had his clinic appointment and it was a GREAT one!

At home, Jacob has been doing well.  No swelling, no headaches, and rarely any abdominal/flank pain.  He has now been off the cellcept for about 5 weeks so this was the time I was nervous for him.  Would he stay in remission?  Would he relapse and have to begin the whole process over again?  I must admit, we had not been as strict with his diet as we had been.  There have been days where his sodium level reached the allowable 3000mg and possibly even went over that mark.  I kept praying he would stay in remission.

So, we arrived at his clinic appointment and handed over his urine sample.  Although it was concentrated from being in school all day and not taking in enough fluids, it did not have that tan shade it used to have.  I was hopeful.  Jacob was called back and his BP looked good, 126/71, I believe.  The only bad thing was that he gained about 5-6 pounds, and it was not fluid gain.  I guess we need to watch his diet a little closer  ;)  

The doctor comes in and has the usual joking banter with Jacob....which means he jokes and Jacob gives him the typical teenage glare.  The doctor and I find it extremely funny.  Questions were asked, "How are you feeling?" "Any swelling?" Etc...  He left the room examine the urine under the microscope.  The expression on his face when he re-entered the room was priceless.  It was only for a split second, but I saw it.  The look was genuine surprise.  He walked in the room with this expression and simply said, "I am pleasantly surprised. I never expected Jacob to be doing as well as he is." 

This sentence says it all.  This answered the questions I had in the past.  I would ask, "What do you believe is Jacob's prognosis?"  I knew he could not predict the future, but I figured he could at least give an idea, based on other cases, how the disease would progress or halt.  He never gave answers, I am assuming, because it usually does not look good.  Well, Jacob has surprised him! 

So, we now do not have to return for three months.  I asked and was given permission to take him off the Zocor.  So he is now officially only on the Lisinopril.  Yay! We also give him multivitamin and fish oil.

All of this to say, prayers do work!  I truly believe that God is the reason for his remission.  God gave us the knowledge and intelligence to lower his sodium intake. God provided the medications to help the symptoms. It was all God and we thank Him for this miracle!

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