Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jacob's August 7th, 2012 clinic update

Jacob continues to be in remission!  The doctor actually came into the room after examining the urine and was almost giddy to tell Jacob that the urine is the best it has ever looked. The protein and red blood cell levels are really low (do not remember numbers).  He was so happy with the results that he did not even order bloodwork this visit.  Jacob was thrilled.  I was able to read his progress note the next day and the plan is that if Jacob continues on the path that he is on the next step will be to reduce or possibly discontinue the blood pressure medication!  Then the only meds he will be on is a multivitamin and the fish oil and neither are prescribed by the doctor!  Oh we are so happy for him! 

To think that about nine months ago, we had no clue what we were dealing with: dialysis, transplant list, etc. and now we are almost pre-kidney disease status!  Praise the Lord! 

Our next clinic visit is in November so we shall be praying he continues on the road he is on!

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