Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We have a highschooler!

Jacob is halfway through his first week as a freshman.  Hard to believe my "baby" is in high school.  He has it pretty easy this year as his classes are relatively close to one another.  Also, his big sister is a senior and will soon be driving him to and from school.  Right now we drive him to school and his sister's friend takes them both home.  Their last class for the day are right next to each other so it makes it easy to meet up after school.

So far he is liking school.  We debated on notifying the teachers about the kidney disease.  We decided that if there was a place on the various forms the teachers send home that had a "tell us about your child" section, we would notify.  So far 2 of his classes had that so now they know.  One thing I was afraid of was that he would get special treatment for it. This is something we did not want.  We want him to be treated as any of the other students.  One teacher did not respond back...good.  The other teacher..."I'm so sorry he is going through this".  Not too bad of a response.

He also joined a recreation soccer team.  This is the first time he has played since being diagnosed. He was pretty nervous about going, but seems to be having fun.  It seemed like every time he would join a team by the end of the season he was sick.  I think he was a bit nervous it would happen this time.  I reassured him that we would keep tabs on how he was feeling and if he started to feel like he was getting sick then he would slow down.  We also are making sure he is getting plenty of water to drink during the practices, instead of the large amounts of gatorade he used to drink.  I think he will be fine.

Overall, not too bad of a start to the new school year!

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