Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is his glass half full?

My husband and I were just discussing that Jacob has changed since entering high school.  Not for the worse, mind you, but he just has different likes now.

For instance, he has NEVER enjoyed gym class. NEVER. Now....he LOVES it. He cannot wait until the two weeks of health class ends so he can be in gym for two weeks.  Strange.  He also has expressed an interest in learning to play tennis.  Again, strange for Jacob.

He rides a bike.  He used to ride a bike when he was younger, but since moving south, he rarely rode one.  We would try to get him to go for a bike ride but he would come up with reasons not to. This year, he rides it around the block just to ride and he also mentioned riding it to school once.

He socializes.  This a big one.  He had a few buddies that he would occasionally talk to, but rarely hung out with them.  Now our home isnt overflowing with kids, but he is mentioning more friends. He requested and actually went to a lock-in at the local video game lounge the other Friday.  He even rides his bike to a kid's house on the street behind us. 

Now for some, these are not major things, but for Jacob it is really is a major change.  Jacob is what I like to call, a grumpy old man in a 14 yr old body.  He is Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.  Jacob's glass was always half empty. He finds the negative in everything.  He is my anxious kid.  He has been like this even before the diagnosis.

For many, high school is a horrible part of their life that they would rather forget about.  So far for Jacob, it seems like it is a positive thing that has come into his life.  He is not totally a positive kid now, but he seems much much happier since starting high school. We hope this new mindset continues.

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