Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It has been awhile, but we are still blessed!

I cannot believe I never updated Jacob's last appointment!  Well, he was still in remission and all was really good. No labs were drawn. The only thing the doctor mentioned was that he needed to watch his weight.

Today's visit went just as well, if not even better!  According to the doctor, "All labs look great!"  We are so blessed!  When we were at the appointment, his blood pressure was normal, the urine looked almost as good as one without kidney disease.  He did gain some more weight though.  Some of it may be due to the heavier clothes, but most of it is because the kid just is not active enough.  He is not a typical teenage boy.  He does NOT eat me out of house and home. He really does not eat much junk food. He does not have a sweet tooth.  He just does not move.  He plays video games.  The doctor and I devised a plan where he will be paid to be active.  For so many hours of activity, he can get a new game.  All the details have not been worked out but in theory, it sounds like a great idea.  Jacob even thought it was a good idea.  Now he is not horribly huge, he just has a little extra weight and the doctor really wants him to maintain an ideal weight, for his kidney's sake.

Considering this is the only issue the doctor had, we are very happy! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

BP is down some!

We went back on the lower sodium diet and guess what?!? His blood pressure has gone down.  125/66 was the last reading. This is a step in the right direction!  Now, if I can just get the 125 down some more, I will be a happy camper!  He has splurged again the last few days so hopefully his BP hasn't gone back up. 

So, there is the proof! A low sodium diet can make all the difference!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Creeping higher

Jacob's blood pressure is creeping higher and higher.  We are so bummed.  Jacob is downright mad.  He actually began arguing with me that "the machine read 'fair' so it isn't bad".  Sorry buddy, but it is.

We noticed it about six weeks ago.  We spot checked it and it was 122/80.  Not bad, but higher than what the doctor wants it, which is 110-120/60-70.

Two weeks after that spot check, we tried it again. 130/88.  Jacob admitted he had forgotten to take his lisinopril the night before.  Ok, so it probably means he will not be coming off that med when we see the doctor in May. Bummer.

Two nights ago.  Another spot check.  133/90.  He has been taking his meds faithfully.  What he (and the rest of us) have not been doing is adhering to a low sodium diet.  Not at all.  Well, that is not totally true. We are still using our low sodium ketchup.

Sigh. Big sigh.

Back to the low sodium diet. Actually it is more "back to cooking".  This semester in grad school has got me slacking.  It isn't even overwhelming. I think I made it to be.  Gotta get organized to get this nonsense under control!

I also should probably call the doctor today to let him know.  Jacob has no other symptoms though. No edema, no pain anywhere, and he says his urine looks the same.

I think we got too comfortable and the disease is peeking out telling us it is still there, even if undercover right now.  ARGH!