Thursday, March 12, 2015

Long overdue update

Wow!  I cannot believe it has been over a year since I updated this blog!  Much has happened in Jacob's life! Let's see where to start.

So last update was December 2013. real changes until the summer of 2014.  I will do a timeline of what's been going on health wise. The family has been so busy that really this is all I have time for is the health update right now.  I will give a more personal update later on...probably in May when I graduate with my master's degree!

Ok, so summer of 2014.  At the beginning of July, Jacob developed knee pain and abdominal pain. About 2 weeks afterwards he then developed a rash of sorts over his legs and some on his trunk and arms.  After much investigating online, I thought he was HSP (Henoch Schonlein purpura).  I made an appointment with his nephrologist and the diagnosis was confirmed. The whole episode lasted a month. We just monitored his blood pressure a little closer but no new meds were started.

In late summer, he began getting a little more irritable, more anxious, and complained of not being able to focus as much. His grades had begun to slip since starting high school and he actually was considered failing 10th grade. The debate I had was to start a stimulant for the focus and hope it helped the anxiety and irritability or start an antidepressant for the anxiety and hope it helps the focus issues. After much debate, we started him on a stimulant for ADD.  I was afraid it would increase his BP too much but we went ahead with it anyway.  Well, needless to say, it has worked wonderfully. His anxiety has decreased much and he went from getting Cs, Ds, and Fs with the 4 classes he was taking to As, Bs, Cs while taking 4 classes, plus an online class (to get him to his junior year), and marching band!  Wow...I wish I would have put him on it at the beginning of high school. 

He had his 6 month visit in December and we were told that his nephrologist was retiring. Boohoo! We will miss him! We have met the new doc before. She did his biopsy and was great! Good news is that he was still in remission. His BP did creep up a little but the doc wasnt too worried.

So now it is March. He continues to get good grades. He wants to start working a part time job. He has his drivers license. He is a little overweight and his BP is running 130s/70s which is a little higher than I would like to see.  I do think it is due to several reasons. One is the stimulant for ADD. Another reason is that since I am in grad school, our diet has not been the greatest. More fast food and processed food than I care to admit.  His sodium intake is probably way too much.  He recently decided that he is going to get healthy and is doing better than anyone in the family right now!  He says his urine is looking "the same". He has been complaining of abdominal pain off and on and thinks he has developed an intolerance to lactose, or at least milk.  He can eat cheese okay. He has switched over to almond milk and his abdominal pains have subsided.  Also, he developed the HSP rash again, but only on one foot.  No joint pain. The rash was in February. It lasted a little over a week and began to fade but then came back for another week.  Oh and at his eye appointment in late February his ocular pressure was 28 (normal is usually up to 21).  He went back 2 weeks later and it was down to 21.  We think this is because of the increase in BP.  I have changed his appointment from June to April and will be bringing this up.  We are monitoring his BP closer.  Also I am hoping his newly adopted healthier eating will help.  

So that is it.  The long update.  I will do my best to update a little more frequently than every 15 months!