Monday, July 18, 2016

Clinic update

Jacob is still doing well. He is spilling a bit more protein than he usually does but so far the doc isnt concerned. He has to do a early morning urine sample and take it to a local lab to make sure he is still doing well. We are horrible about this and have yet to complete it. Another thing Jacob needs to do is start to order and pick up his own medication. Since he will be 18 this month, the doc wants him to start managing his own health care. So far he will be continuing with her, the pediatric nephologist, but in time he will transfer to an adult one. When he does, he needs to be caring for his own things like making his own appointments, ordering and picking up his own meds, basically no help from mom. He can do it most already, he just has not had to since I did it, now mom needs to hand the reins over to him and let him take charge!

His medications have stayed the same so that is good.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

No news is good news!

10 months!!

It has been about 10 months since the last post. It is true that no news it good news. Jacob is still in remission!

He has a new doctor as his previous one retired. She is the one that did his biopsy. I really like her.

So, the only difference with Jacob is that he had a little medication change. His blood pressure is sodium sensitive, meaning that when he eats lots of salt his blood pressure goes up.  A small dose of a water pill was added. He is now on lisinopril/hctz, or Zestoril as it may be called.

He is also involved with a national study. I forget all the details right now, but I do remember that it tracks him throughout his life to see how he is doing.  It is called CureGN study. Here is a link for more info!

Next appointment is sometime this late spring/early summer!

On a side note, Jacob is finished with high school!  He took enough classes and finished a semester early!  He will start his first semester of college this week!!