Who is Jacob?

Jacob is a somewhat typical 13 year old boy who is in 8th grade.  He loves American fast food, video games, and soccer.  He is the baby of the family and a sometimes pest to his older sisters.  We have to remind him that we are not living in the north anymore as his sarcasm is sure to get him in trouble someday here in the south.  He loves watching the news and can update the entire family on local news and weather events.  For only being 13, it seems odd that he follows politics as much as he does and has a few opinions that he will share when asked. 

Jacob also is a boy who has Berger's disease.  This blog is about his (and the entire family's) journey with this disease.  Most of it is about his medication changes, clinic appointments, and side effects of the medication.  We hope to expand and include "Jacob approved" recipes for low sodium foods and also info about Berger's disease.